Sunday, December 02, 2007

Things to watch, things to listen to


Today in Louisville, Kentucky, you can see Molly Bingham and Steve Connors new documentary Meeting Resistance at 7:00 and 9:30 pm -- Baxter Avenue Theatres, 1250 Bardstown Road.


RadioNation with Laura Flanders. You could have or still can hear Flanders interview US House Rep and 2008 Democratic presidential contender Dennis Kucinich. At 3:00 pm EST, 2:00 pm Central and noon Pacific, you can listen online via Seattle's 1090 AM regardless of where you are (in addition, those who can pick up 1090 over the airwaves can listen via the radio). Air America Radio first: Update your damn page of stations. There's no point in listing stations that carry your programming if they dropped it (including if they dropped it a long, long time ago). RadioNation (and this isn't directed at Flanders, this is directed at Ben and Peter and the people above them), fix the damn podcast. We're getting sick and tired of e-mails coming in about how people can't listen to the archives since The Nation magazine started screwing with Laura's show, how you no longer have a play option on the archive page, how you have to download and maybe it works and maybe it doesn't. That's from high speed connectors and modum connectors. Fix it. Since you've started interfering in the show, it's gone from live to recorded, it's lost five hours a week, the team that worked with Laura has been replaced and you've done every thing you could think of to destroy this show. You want titles? Earn 'em. Fix the archives. After you do that, consider compiling a list of what stations the program airs on and the time. In Friday's "Iraq snapshot," C.I. noted who would be on the show and every community site got e-mails saying, "I'd like to listen but . . ." That's not Laura Flanders fault, that's The Nation magazine. You've taken a highly popular show and driven people away. Fix the problems or give up your titles. (Peter, we're aware you're overworked and, yes, we aware that it's humiliating to be told "I'm going to be on TV! Send out an e-mail right away!" That has nothing to do with Flanders or with her show. Ben, don't rush in to rescue Peter or e-mail. If you're thinking about it, busying yourself by sniffing your own arm pit -- endearing? fetish? habit? sign of nervousness? you decide.)

On Tuesday's Democracy Now!, Amy Goodman interviews CNN xenophobe Lou Dobbs for the hour.

Those interested in the 2008 vote can still check out NOW with David Brancaccio and catch, among others, Greg Palast. Third party members be aware that the issue of voting is reduced to who gets to cast a vote and there are no questions of the Democrats as to efforts to supress candidates from getting on the ballot to begin with (despite the legal cases still ongoing).

Those interested in the Mid-East can check out the latest Bill Moyers Journal which provides streaming and transcripts to welcome all audiences.
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