Sunday, October 21, 2007

Truest statement of the week

And I think that this -- we’re living in a situation that there's a lot of fear and confusion, and, you know, some people are very pessimistic about the future. But I really think that we can do it. We can survive. And, you know, it's so natural for us to want to survive. It's a very strong sort of instinct in us. And we are going to do it. And I see that all sorts of beautiful things are starting to happen. And they're all writing to me at, so I’d like you to, you know, click in, and then you'll see these things are happening.

-- Yoko Ono, "EXCLUSIVE: Yoko Ono on the New Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, Art & Politics, the Peace Movement, Government Surveillance and the Murder of John Lennon" (Democracy Now!).
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