Sunday, October 14, 2007

Things to watch, things to do


Things to catch this week.

RadioNation with Laura Flanders, Sunday at 1:00 pm EST, on Air America Radio, XM satellite radio, and streaming online.

What's left of our rights, our Constitution, our presidential options -- and our Left! This week on RadioNation we take on all of the above, with the Nation's PATRICIA WILLIAMS, ALEXANDER COCKBURN and ARI BERMAN. And CLIVE STAFFORD SMITH, defender of more than fifty Guantanamo detainees, on his new book about his experiences, out now from Nation Books.

Democracy Now! [on Pacifica, NPR, community, and college radio stations; on public access, PBS, satellite TV stations (DISH network: Free Speech TVch. 9415 and Link TV ch. 9410; DIRECTV: Link TV ch. 375); on the World Radio Network's European Service and on the Community Broacasting Association of Australia service; as a "podcast", automatically downloaded to your computer or portable audio player; and streams live M-F at 8am EST] has a big week planned and it includes Yoko Ono. We believe Yoko is a guest on Tuesday. Among the topics may be a discussion of the Imagine Peace Tower.

And all week long don't miss the madcap, American sitcom, Life With Nancy. This week, Nancy Pelosi's hijinks include attempting to act as if she doesn't control every piece of legislation that goes through the House as she pushes through legislation to strip Americans of their rights guaranteed by the Fourth Amendment. Listen for her laugh getting excuse that if Congress doesn't leagalize illegal wire tapping by the Bully Boy, then some legislation will be pushed on them that's even worse. Pushed on by whom, Speaker of the House Pelosi? Exactly who are you saying pulls your strings?

Cindy Sheehan gives Life With Nancy two thumbs down: "No matter how many times Ms. Pelosi and George Bush share tea and giggles and no matter how often she 'prays' for him, George is not the Decider and she is only the Leader of the House of Representatives not the people. " Catch Life With Nancy while you can. There's talk that the show will be cancelled in November 2008.

And Friday is the Iraq Moratorium. This is the third day of each month and seeks to demonstrate that US troops need to be pulled from Iraq:

The Iraq Moratorium is striking a chord with the rising generation, as shown in the report by Lancaster (PA) SDS that most of the seventy people at their Moratorium Day vigil were high school students. The mother of another high schooler, this one in Washington State, writes:
"My daughter wore her black armband to school. She took extras and they were gone by the end of her first class. Several people asked her about the armband, she answered simply that she was protesting the war in Iraq. Nobody, students or teachers, reacted negatively. She intends to do it again next month and bring even more extra armbands with her. I'm one proud Mama :)"
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