Sunday, September 16, 2007

Green Party calls for real leadership on Iraq War

Last week, the Green Party released the following press statement entitled "Green Party joins national antiwar demonstrations, blasts bipartisan Iraq, Iran policies:"

Greens, joining antiwar protests throughout September and October, hold Democratic leaders responsible for Bush's disastrous military and foreign policies
'Faux Peace Party' Dems are collaborating with Bush by supporting threats of an attack on Iran and by renewing funding for the Iraq War, say Greens.
Greens call impeachment of Bush and Cheney an essential part of the demand for peace, urge Americans to be skeptical of GOP media propaganda blitz this week on the US troop surge.
WASHINGTON, DC -- Greens will use their presence in various antiwar demonstrations and other events throughout September and October to press the Green Party's demand for immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq.
Green Party activists will also use their presence in actions organized by the ANSWER Coalition (September 15, <>) and United For Peace & Justice (National Mobilization to End the War in Iraq, October 27,) to stress that the Iraq War and other disastrous Bush Administrations policies are the result of bipartisan support.
"The greatest danger to the peace movement is that organizations and voters who oppose the war are being fooled into seeing the election of Democrats as a step towards peace, stability, and the observance of human rights in the Middle East," said Deanna Taylor, co-chair of the Green Party's Peace Action Committee (GPAX) <>. "It wasn't just a scheme by neocon radicals in the Bush Administration. The Iraq War has been a bipartisan project from the beginning."
"Democratic Congress members joined Republicans in support of the invasion of Iraq and transfer of constitutional war powers to the White House. Now that they're in control of Congress, Democratic leaders are squandering their power," SAME PERSON added.
Green Party leaders listed major points of concern that they intend to address by participating the antiwar protests:
The growing likelihood of a US attack on Iran, and willingness of leading Democrats, especially presidential candidates, to support a strike. Greens warn that a US attack on Iran is now the gravest threat to world peace.
A massive media propaganda blitz by the White House, including a planned address by President Bush this week, to persuade Americans that the troop surge is succeeding, timed to coincide with General Petraeus's final report, despite high Iraqi civilian casualties, continuing US troop casualties and low morale, and other indications that the situation in Iraq is worsening <>.
The refusal of Democratic leaders to demand immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq or to cut off funding for the war <>; concerns that Democrats will retreat further on opposition to war in the face of the above-mentioned Bush propaganda effort.
The refusal of Democratic leaders to seek impeachment of President Bush and Vice President Cheney for numerous abuses of power, violations of the US Constitution and international law, war crimes, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. Greens have called impeachment a necessary step in the effort to recall troops and end the war.
Continued capitulation by both Republican and Democratic members of Congress to the demands of the pro-Israel lobby (AIPAC, powerful rightwing Christian groups); lack of discussion about Israel's abuses of Palestinian human rights and violations of international law and UN directives; lack of debate on the role of Israel and the pro-Israel lobby in the decision to invade Iraq and current plans to attack Iran.
Current US pressure, with bipartisan support, on the Iraqi Parliament to pass the hydrocarbon law, which will place Iraqi oil under the control of US and UK corporations and require prolonged US military presence in Iraq to protect US & UK investments. Greens have supported demands of Iraqi workers that the law be rejected and that Iraqi oil remain under Iraqi control <>.
Green leaders are urging US voters to support the Green Party's 'Peace Slate' in the 2008 election. "If Green candidates get strong percentages in races for Congress and the White House -- or even better, a seat or two in the US House, it'll terrify the Democrats into supporting a quick end to the Iraq War," said Jim Coplen, co-chair of the Green Party of the United States.
Greens warned Americans that the Bush Administration has spread disinformation about Iran's role in arming factions in the Iraqi civil war and about Iran's nuclear capabilities, and has greatly exaggerated al-Qaeda's presence in Iraq
"We're especially concerned that the Bush Administration may exploit -- perhaps even fabricate -- a possible terrorist incident in the coming months to intimidate Americans and sway the outcome of the 2008 election. After seven years of deception, attempts to thwart investigate into the 9/11 attacks, and disregard for law, the Bush Administration should have zero credibility among the media and the public," said Jody Grage, treasurer of the Green Party.
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The Democrats released . . . Well, we heard a rumor Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid had indigestion so possibly they released something?

What they didn't do, what they wouldn't do, is stand up to the illegal war.

All this time later.

Next summer, they will be holding their party convention in Chicago, July 10th to 13th, 2008. Kimberly Wilder (On the Wilder Side) informs (in "Circle of women: Message to Cynthia McKinney") that at present Cynthia McKinney appears to have decided not to run for the Green Party nomination of president. On the Wilder Side and the Green Party's website are only two places where you can follow the Green Party races. If that shocks you, it's only because the so-called independent media feels no need for "equal time". In fact, it's easier to read about a Republican campaign in the pages of The Nation than it is to read an article about the Green Party.

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