Sunday, June 17, 2007

Dumbest Headline of the week

Angelina Jolie's rep calls attempt to ban Fox News from covering her new movie a 'mistake'

The above appeared a left site on Friday and may still be up.

Is Fox 'News' banning Angelina Jolie? Probably not. Did they consider banning her for political reasons?

No, they (like other outlets) were offended by an agreement being pushed which, if they signed, would require that they use her comments at the premiere of her movie only for reports on the premiere. For those with longer memories, this is what Tom Cruise attempted and pulled off and the reason why, this decade, there has been such a huge Cruise backlash.

Some who interviewed Cruise (or might interview Jolie) could later write a book, either about the person or about actors in general or even about the business of covering celebrities. Agreements that prevent them from utilizing the work they did infringe upon their rights. Also infringed upon is their right to do a year end piece or to note a particularly telling comment that later becomes even more pertinent.

The agreements are an attack on the free press and so, while Fox bashing is fun, we fail to see why a left site would portray Jolie as the victim in this latest stunt. Her attorney has taken the fall and stated he came up with the agreement; however, it's also true that the same agreement existed for publicity of Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

If Jolie doesn't grasp that this is no way to ensure good press, she needs to speak with Cruise who could certainly set her straight. The minute Pat Kingsley no longer represented him, every petty grudge and real hurt was suddenly worked through with some of the worst press for a non-serial killer the world has even seen.

In other Jolie news, she's been recruited into the Council for Foreign Relations. We find that news delightful. For all of Katrina vanden Heuvel's talk of 'changing the system from within,' we think only Jolie can truly change the centrist group. She'll most likely do that by destroying it. Her talent as an actress is immeasurable. Her personal dramas ripe for a Hollywood tell all. As a face for a think tank, she could very well be the thing that finally reveals it to be the joke everyone knows it is.
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