Sunday, April 08, 2007


This feature is written by, and the highlights picked by, unless otherwise noted, Wally, Cedric, Rebecca, Betty, Elaine and Mike.

"Ruth's Report" -- another great report by Ruth (who is interviewed this edition) and she's addressing the KPFA listners' report.

"Roasted Green Beans in the Kitchen" -- this really is a great dish (says Rebecca, Mike and Elaine). Also check out Trina's commentary on war resistance.

"The coverage of Robert Zabala" -- a US federal courts makes a ruling and it's apparently no big deal.

"NYC's biggest blight" -- Betty taking on Friedman's latest stink bomb.

"THIS JUST IN! OBAMA'S SOMEONE'S PERSONAL JESUS!" & "He really can't walk on water, FYI" -- Wally and Cedric's joint-post commenting on the Cult of Obama.

"Holly Near's Show Up" -- Susan e-mailed "Please pick this." She sees it as a footnote to "Kat's Korner: Holly Near Shows Up."

"gonzales, democracy now (quick post)" & "gonzales" & "the gonzales scandal goes on" & "55% of americans say testify under oath!" & "the very sick alberto gonzales" -- Rebecca's continued commentary on the Alberto Gonazles scandals.

"Law and Disorder" -- Mike explores "Classic Disco" and the program Law and Disorder.

"Cindy Sheehan" -- we love Cindy Sheehan and loved Elaine's commentary on Sheehan and other topics.

"How many US service members have died in Iraq?" & "And the war drags on . . ."-- interesting how the US count falls by the wayside, isn't it?

"Iraq snapshot" -- Here's how this worked. The story was breaking about Ehren Watada changing attorneys. C.I. included the name not then reported. A whiner wanted to know where the name came from. The next day's news cycle began including the name. As usual, TCI was ahead of the curve and, in fact, ahead of the news cycle.

"And the war drags on . . ." -- Jim, who ragged and ragged on "talking entries" originally, came around some time ago. He asked us to include this as his personal favorite.

"THIS JUST IN! NEWT OFFERS TRAVEL ADVICE" & "Newt makes things worse" -- Newt offers advice.

"Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Alberto Gonazales from the Land of Denial"" -- and Isaiah's comic which we almost forgot!
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