Sunday, February 25, 2007

Truest statement of the week


"If I'm an ass, I'm just an ass." We'd take out the qualifier of "if" ("I'm an ass, I'm just an ass") and say Patricia Heaton has had a groundbreaking breakthrough but even with her qualifier, Heaton's self-call ranks among the most true.

She made it last week, 2-20-07, on CBS' Late Late Show -- which no one admits to watching but Ava and C.I. got a ton of "Oh my God!" phone calls once Heaton showed up, apparently having spent the day digging through Joanne Worley's early seventies wardrobe to find just the right 'flowing' suit.

She was sagging and she was bagging and looked like a casing of sausage that had exploded. But we loved the fringe ruffle around the expanding mid-riff almost as much as we enjoyed the "clip" the busy, busy hacktress provided -- it was from the off-the-air-for-how-many-years-now? Sombody's Got To Love Raymond.

Patti confessed she was hated online. Oh Patti, don't be so modest we (Ava and C.I.) hate you to your face and have for some time. Embrace it, you've earned it. And prepare yourself because we're already hearing rumors about Action News. We can't wait, Patti, we can't wait.
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