Sunday, February 11, 2007


Highlights done quickly. (Yes, we're running way behind but all other things are completed.)

"Tacoma, Washington and Ehren Watada need you" -- Kat notes the importance of a large show of support in Tacoma for Ehren.

"ehren watada" -- Rebecca walks you through the issues involved in Watada's stand.

"Ted decides he's straight (humor)" & "THIS JUST IN! BULLY BOY'S BUDDY IS 100% STRAIGHT!" -- Cedric & Wally explain that gay is just a detour on the Republican Highway!

"Walking Through Watada (The Court-Martial)" -- C.I. provides a cutting from various sources to bring you up to speed in case you've missed anything.

"Cedric filling in for Kat" -- when the mistrial was declared, Kat went to sleep almost immediately. Cedric filled in for her with a "just talking" post.

"ehren in the clear?" -- Rebecca summarizes main points by Marjorie Cohn (National Lawyers Guild president).

"House cleaning" -- C.I. entry on e-mails. Jess wants it noted that since it went up, where C.I. says, "No, I'm not calling you," three journalists (mainstream) have e-mailed asking for C.I.'s phone number. Jess says next time, "C.I. should write I'm not calling you and I don't want you to call me." (Jess, Ava, Shirley, Martha and Eli help out with the e-mails at The Common Ills.)
Jess adds, "Maybe they were attempting to make a joke?"

"Scooter goes "Woops!" & "THIS JUST IN! MEET THE JURY!" -- Wally and Cedric on the Scooter trial.

"Ehren Watada's mistrial" -- Mike's just talking post. (He was bouncing off the walls, truly.)

"Norman Solomon, Ehren Watada" -- Elaine tackles 'cruising during wartime.'

"Chicken Cacciatore in the Kitchen" -- Trina's latest, offering an easy recipe and much more. She also asked us to note, as she does, C.I.'s "Iraq snapshot" where the 'do over' analogy is made.

"Life -- or what passes for it -- with the Friedmans"-- Betty's latest chapter. Betinna has allowed Friedman to move back . . . in a closet.
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