Sunday, December 03, 2006

NYT: Wednesday Repeats

It's hard work putting out a daily paper. And apparently Grey Lady wasn't up to the task last week which is why B4 of The Arts section contained a retread (Wednesday, November 29th).

The shout out in the illustration reads:

A 1930s Comedy Takes Off, Both Feet on the Accelerator

"Room Service," which ran at the Bank Street Theater in July, reopened yesterday at the SoHo Playhouse, 15 Vandam Street, near Avenue of the Americas, South Village; (212) 691-1555, Following are excerpts from the review, which appeared in The New York Times on July 13; the full text is online at

What follows the above is five lengthy paragraphs. In November, The Times is re-running 'excerpts' of a review from July?

Did someone's dog eat their homework?

Or is the paper implementing a new Wednesday feature? They could call it "Repeats Wednesdays."

Why stop there? Instead of offering all new film reviews on Fridays, they could pull one or two and note that a film was now showing in a new location and run 'excerpts' of their previous review.

Seems like the paper owes everyone who paid for last Wednesday's edition an apology. Maybe they could just rerun the Iraq mea culpa?

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