Sunday, December 31, 2006

Editorial: The 3,000 mark looms

Weeks ago, Bully Boy began trying hard to give the impression that he was rethinking Iraq -- his illegal war that he chose to start. There was the ouster of Donald the Rumsfled, then there was the announcement of it. Then he went on his notion of a listening tour -- invitation only and all the ones speaking had supported the illegal war. Fearing what the James Baker Circle Jerk might recommend, Bully Boy began gathering his own group of 'experts.'

All this time later and still nothing. Sometime in January, he intends to announce a 'change,' a 'plan.' Nothing must tax or disturb him and he really needed a Christmas break because the 2006 campaign meant he had to travel which is the closest to work he's ever come.

While he's dillyed and dallyed, his illegal war of choice has only resulted in more deaths. Iraqis? The car bombings and multiple bombings have become even more deadly and common. Educators continue to be targeted. The civil war he fueled (pitting Shia against Sunni) is full blown now and may yet factionalize into a third group if he's able to conduct the radis he wants on the al-Sadr neighborhood of Baghdad. Two weeks ago, the 'plan' was to pit the other Shi'ite groups against Moqtada al-Sadr and Najaf was even turned over to Iraqi control as part of that effort but when al-Sadr wasn't ostracized, last week saw one of his aides gunned down at his own home. The result was "thousands" of Iraqis chanting "No to America" in Najaf.

While he has no idea what to do, why not fan the flames?

It's not like he's over there.

December is the deadliest month for US troops in Iraq this year. 109 have died and the Bully Boy, like The New York Times, doesn't seem too concerned about that. Did he have a jolly Christmas?

2998 US troops have died in Iraq in his illegal war. (Those who died after leaving Iraq are not included the count -- such as 24-year-old Edward Shaffer who died last week at the Texas Brooke Army Medical Center from injuries he sustained in a November bombing in Ramadi.)
2998, two away from the 3,000 markers. The number would be much higher if it included those who were shipped out and died or those who took their own lives after returning. There are the ones coming home with physical and/or mental wounds. But by all means, take your time deciding how to end the illegal war you chose to start.

The 3,000 marker is right over his shoulder. The administration promised a cakewalk. They also promised WMDs and that didn't pan out either. The war was built on lies and now it's just built on the dead bodies of those unfortunate enough to be in the war zone.

As long as the war is allowed to drag on, the number of dead and wounded will only rise. America has turned against the war. At some point, citizens are going to have to demand that their elected officials respect them and end the illegal war.

Note the following:

United for Peace and Justice:

Another Grim Milestone -- 3,000 Deaths Too Many
More than 2,990 U.S. troops have died in Iraq. By the time you read this, the death toll may have reached 3,000. We must bear witness to this tragic milestone, even though many people are already beginning their celebrations of the new year. And when we do take action on this occasion, we must remind others that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children, women and men have also died in this outrageous war and occupation. Our call to end this war and to bring all the troops home now must be heard in every corner of the country! The killing must stop. Click here for some suggested ways to bear witness.

Military Families Speak Out:

MILITARY FAMILIES MOURN 3,000TH TROOP DEATH, PARTICIPATE IN NATIONWIDE VIGILS AND CALL ON CONGRESS TO END THE IRAQ WAR Family Members of Fallen Soldiers and Families of Troops Currently Deployed in Iraq Available for Interview Dec 29, 06 On the eve of the 3,000th troop death, the next horrific milestone in the Iraq war, Military Families Speak Out (MFSO), an organization of over 3,100 military families opposed to the war in Iraq, calls on the 110th Congress to honor the fallen and prevent further deaths by taking action to end the Iraq war. read more »


3000 Deaths Too Many As Bush considers sending thousands of additional troops to Iraq to control the violence, our troop death toll nears the 3,000 mark. It is crucial that we commemorate this grim milestone in Bush's disastrous war by pressuring Congress to bring the troops home NOW, and to stop this insanity NOW! Click here for CODEPINK suggested actions you can take.
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