Sunday, October 15, 2006

The Brazen Cindra

At the amusing Ann Coulter fan's journal (surely a parody site) one joker by the name of spookshow1313 posted this hilarious (we're sure) tongue-in-cheek post in July:

On the one hand, you have a loony leftist bitch like Cindy Sheehan, who is a disgrace to her son's memory with her Crawford Campout demanding a visit with the president (when he had already met with her, as many know) as well as her traitorous hobnobbing with Hugo Chavez.
On the other, you have Cindra Smith, who hails from my neck of the woods, Xenia, Ohio! This woman's daughter was injured in a roadside bombing. So, because she has an electronics degree and is a Red Cross volunteer, she enlists herself with the goal of disabling bombs when she gets to Iraq. BROKE HER F**KING HIP during BMT but she's still going to war. Her drill sergeants say she is a wonderful example for younger soldiers -- they call her "Mama" or "Grandma."

Sorry to break it to spookshow1313 but what people call the call the 'wonderful example' these days is "LIAR."

At Andi's World (clearly a community in need), SFCD posits:

HOOAH for Cindra! That's the kind of people we need in the Army!

The military needs liars?

Here's how the propaganda that resulted in red faces ran:

After Daughter Is Injured in Iraq, Mom Joins Army
By Sgt. Eliamar Trapp
REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala., July 12, 2006 -- Having volunteered with the Red Cross, Cindra Smith knew there was something wrong when she arrived home from work late one night and had a Red Cross message on her machine. "When I called them back I was told to wait by the phone and expect a call," she said. "When I got the phone call they said my daughter had been shot in the back during an IED attack in Iraq."
Pvt. Tracy Branton, Smith's oldest daughter, was a heavy wheel mechanic on a convoy in Iraq when it was hit by IEDs. When Branton and her fellow soldiers got out of the vehicles to inspect the area, she was shot in the back. Now 21, Branton is 70 percent disabled and has a slight paralysis because of the injuries caused by the shooting.
"I remember being angry," Smith said. "As parents, we always try and look for someone to blame. But knowing that she was doing something she believed in and wanted to do helped me get over that."

Thus, according to Cindra Smith, she joined the military (when the age cap was raised). "Inspiring!" cried the right. A "hero!"

But there's a problem. Cindra Smith's daughter wasn't injured. Cindra Smith's daughter wasn't even in the military. Cindra Smith lied and even the military admits that. (Though they're side stepping the issue Eliamar Trapp.)

Mighty Cindra has struck out. There is much weeping in Mudville and surely those at BlackFive are sobbing in their light beers most of all. Such as Clairon who wrote:

That is one hell of a woman, and mad props to her. I hope her and The Ditch Witch™ meet one day, and I hope to be there to see it. Sheehag shouldn't be able to look her in the eyes.

"Hell of a liar" is more like it and Cindy Sheehan would have no problem looking the liar in the eyes. However, the liar might have difficulty looking anyone else in the eyes.

Also at BlackFive, Amy K weighed in with:

Indeed, this woman is of the highest virtue. The pride she took in her daughter's work gives me faith and hope. Thank you for sharing her story.

Hopefully, the fact that Cindra is a liar won't send Amy K off on a bender or up a clock tower.

There's something really sick about Cindra Smith and we're not sure a court-martial can address it. She didn't just lie that her daughter was in the military, she lied that her daughter was injured while serving, she lied that her daughter was 70% disabled. That lie is so offensive that she should be kicked out of the military. There is no comeback from that and it's an insult to everyone who's been injured.

In the 1937 film Nothing Sacred (screenplay by Ben Hecht), a reporter who gets taken in by a con artist is exiled to writing obituaries. We think Eliamar Trapp deserves a similar fate.
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