Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Real 9-11 Moment for Bully Boy

As the myth-series begins airing on ABC tonight, we should all remember the real 9-11 moment for Bully Boy. It occurred in a Flordia classroom. Though he's laughably claimed at times to have seen the first plane hit the Twin Towers on TV, the reality is that he did know one of the towers had been hit before he went into the classroom. While in the classroom, the second plane hit the other tower. Andrew Card whispered the news into his ear.

And 'Mr. Action,' 'The Decider'? He decided to sit in the classrom and do nothing. Well look at the pictures of My Pet Goat. Though he'd be fully of Bully Boy talk by the end of the day, when action should have been taken (for his safety, the school's safety and to provide the country with leadership) he did nothing.

The Memory Hole puts the time on the above photo at 4:45 (minutes: seconds). It continues. You can see it by clicking here. This was how Bully Boy responded to 9-11. By sitting in a classroom and doing nothing.

Later in the day, he would fly all over the country -- not to offer comfort or leadership, but to play Bunny-Fu-Fu skipping around the nation in fear.

Something to remember as ABC offers it's distorted view of 'profiles in courage.'

For more on this, in addition to The Memory Hole, you can read Wally's commentary.
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