Sunday, September 24, 2006

MyTV's Fascist House

This week, Bully Boy raids the Federal Reserve for the last fifty cents that hasn't been earmarked for foreign debt and bets it all on the Davis Cup. When things don't go the way he hoped, Bully Boy plots a scheme to take down Andy Roddick. Running onto the court, Bully Boy lets loose with some of the wind he likes to torment underlings with while Alberto Gonzales and Tony Snow, undercover, attempt to rack Roddick and further cut into his chances of winning. Davis Cup judge James Baker, to no one's surprise, looks the other way while judge Lee Hamiliton looks at everything but what he's supposed to be watching (again, no surprise).

To honor Bully Mama's animated TV debut (sixteen years ago this month, The Simpsons), special guest star Elton John performs "The Bitch Is Back."

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