Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bully Boy breaks pledges easily, Sheehan doesn't without doctor's orders

In Seattle Thursday, Cindy Sheehan was in the emergency room. Dehydrated and exhausted, Sheehan was admitted Friday to the Providence Health Center in Waco. Cindy Sheehan had been taking part in the Troops Home Fast action. On doctor's orders, she ended her liquid only fast after 37 days.

Troops Home Fast is an ongoing protest to draw attention to the reality of Iraq. The fast is ongoing and will last through September 21st. Anyone wishing to participate for one day, by choosing a day each week to fast, or in an ongoing fast can do so at anytime. (As C.I. noted, those with medical conditions or concerns are recommended to seek medical advice before going on a long-term strike.)

Some people, including Sheehan, make sacrifices. Others promise then but don't deliver. Does anyone remember when Bully Boy stated that he would give up sweets while troops were in 'harm's way'? By October 2003, the press was noting the obvious: Bully Boy hadn't managed to stick to his pledge. (Imagine that.) Possibly why, try as he may, he can't shed those extra five pounds noted in his most recent physical.

It's been a relatively easy time for Bully Boy. The Downing Street Memos? Press didn't care much about them (Michael Kinsley reveled in his own worthlessness). The blogs stayed on that issue last summer and made it an issue. Websites, independent media, Air America Radio and others helped build on that and were there when Cindy Sheehan started her vigil last summer.
It was a great moment for the peace movement.

Camp Casey III got far less attention (the understatement of the week). On Saturday, the AP noted that 2600 American troops had now died in the illegal war. Last week, CNN's latest poll found that American were still against the war and the numbers had only increased. This should have been a summer to hold Bully Boy's feet to the fire.

But the attention went elsewhere. Not 'some of the attention' which would make sense -- Iraq's not the only story in the world. But it wasn't some of the attention -- it was all of the attention. Week after week, we've gotten wall-to-wall coverage (from independent media) of Israel's war. We've had discussions, we've had critiques. We've had non-stop coverage.

We just haven't had Iraq. Like Bully Boy's pledge of no sweets, Iraq's disappeared.

At a time when Bully Boy's feet should be held to the fire, at a time when "Troops Home Now!" is a cry more and more are adopting, when even a War Hawk like Thomas Friedman starts noting some truth, Iraq's disappeared.

Cindy Sheehan's doing her part to end the war in Iraq, are you?
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