Sunday, July 02, 2006

Cheney has a heart!

Cheney has a heart, or that's what the press reports.

Disproving critics and wags, Cheney went in for his annual tune up:

July 1: His annual physical shows that the pacemaker is working properly and his overall heart condition. A stress test on a treadmill is scheduled for the fall.

This is where we could lash out at 9-11 critics, after all this does qualify as science and medicine, right? Yeah, we're referring to the monthly rag that just gets worse with each issue. (We missed the defense of stay the course, thankfully, but aren't surprised considering the piece of trash at work at the rag now. The piece of trash who'd shouted that cry before. We're not worried about trash seeing this. We know trash is too busy scanning Mike's site to figure out what to rip off next.)
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