Sunday, May 07, 2006

Editorial: Bully Boy Thinking?

There's not a lot of natural Bully Boy thinking on the left.

Well, except for George Packer.

But a lot of people on the left are frustrated.

You've got elected Democrats that, as a group, offer no leadership.

You've got both houses of Congress controlled by the Republicans and the only current occupation that's lasted longer than Iraq and Afghanistan is the one that's going on in the Oval Office.

When things get bleak, you can lose hope. You can lose your will.

You can start thinking maybe life would be easier . . .

Or maybe, you can start thinking, "I'll fight and win by fighting their way!"

You're not that clever.

You're dealing what is hopefully the most crooked administration that any of us will ever see in our lifetimes.

They didn't seize power on issues. They didn't seize power on the votes. They didn't seize power through honesty.

So before you start thinking "I can out-snake them!" -- remember that you're dealing with some mighty nasty rattle snakes. These are the people who intimidate their own party.

They stop at nothing. So before you try to learn their up-is-down codebook in order to rebuild your argument in a manner that the administration can understand and waste all those hours making flash cards for the Bully Boy, stop a second and ask yourself, "What am I doing?'

We think the people carrying signs that read "Out of Iraq, Into Darfur!" really don't fit in at anti-war rally. We're all for welcoming and inclusion. But if war's your answer to everything, war all the time, we really have to wonder what you're doing showing up for a peace rally?

Strikes us as the similar to showing up at an anti-gun rally with a sign that reads "No More Pistols, Give 'Em All Uzis!"

And if you've hopped on board the Force Wagon and are joining the cry to "Unleash the hounds of hell" (Bully Boy and his mother Big Babs), we're confused as to what exactly you think will be accomplished?

Are you fan of occupation?

We don't get you.

We also don't get the rush to give props to people who have offended. In one instance, a comedian that's offended women and Asian-Americans. And when called it on by Asian-Americans and organizations representing them, his response was to mock them again.
This a hero for the left?

Maybe you're suffering South Park damage?

Or how about turning a source into a hero and allowing him to trash Cindy Sheehan? And the peace movement which isn't running along on the timetable he, a wanna be leader, would prefer?

You keep expecting him to vow, at any minutes, that he could get the peace train running on time!

He's now taken to saying Cindy Sheehan didn't sacrifice. He says Casey Sheehan sacrificed, but Casey's mother didn't. Isn't he a sweet heart?

He has a funny idea of what sacrifice is.

Like many in America, we're confused as to his relationship with children, but we'll assume he has none or he wouldn't make such an insulting remark.

He's an ass. But he's not our ass.

We didn't prop him up. We didn't promote his book. We didn't hail him as the last chance for truth, democracy and the new fall line.

But some people did.

He's a source. Hopefully, a good source. But his losing his Fox "News" job, that's not really our concern.

There seems to be some sort of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" thinking. No, sometimes, it just means the person has two enemies.

Moving away from Military Man, there's some need to applaud Neil Young as a first. Mighty big slap in the face to those who've been singing out for some time. Exactly what's going on there? Living With War rocks, it's a strong album. We're glad it's out, we'll purchase it. We'll even play it. But we know that while Natalie Maines, Eddie Vedder and others were getting crucified by the fright-wing, Young was on pretty good terms with them.

We're glad he's realized that the war is wrong, that the Bully Boy is out of control and that he's willing to sing out. Again, we'll support that. But we won't act like he invented the wheel. He's one more link in the chain. A lot of people were singing out before him.

What's missing? In all the examples of bad thinking we're addressing, which are examples of Bully Boy thinking, what's missing?

What's always missing from Bully Boy thinking?


We think the nation could really use some right now.
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