Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pacifica programming today

This is the feature where we note some Pacifica programming. If there's a show you would like noted, feel free to e-mail. Renee wondered if it had to be a program we agreed with? We're not sure if Renee's got something hidden (is Christopher Hitchens about to host a show?) or not, but no, for the most part, we can't imagine it having to be something we're fully on board for. Are point in this feature is to note what you could be hearing if you're listening to Pacifica. (Monday, stations will have updates and coverage on the immigration rights demonstrations.)

The point is to let you know there is public radio and to get the word out on Pacifica. If it's something "controversial," controversy doesn't scare us. So feel free to let us know what you know, Renee.

There is a wide range of programs offered and our point is really to demonstrate that. All the highlights air today. (You can check the archives if you're reading this late.) The first starts in four hours. You'll see some drama. Did you know that Sidney Blumenthal wrote a play? How about Lawrence Fishburne? You can hear both. We noted Judy Garland's album being played last week and that was largely because Betty said, "Come on, it's Judy! Dorothy! It has to be noted." We got two e-mails on that. The first, from Sandra, said she had always been curious about the Carnegie Hall live album but with the price (it's a double disc) and the fact that she's twenty-six ("and that was some time ago"), she figured she'd go through life curious. Seeing the heads up allowed her to listen and she ended up buying the album this week. ("There's nothing out of date about it!") The second e-mail, from TZ, said, "I read it and thought, I'm listening." TZ also thanked us for the heads up. So Sandra and TZ, and anyone else who enjoys music, what do you think of Patti Lupone? She's the focus of this week. There's that, immigration issues, African-American issues and much more.

KPFA today, times given are Pacific:

9:00 am
Sunday Salon with Larry Bensky
In our first hour... The immigration debate has sparked some of the largest mobilizations in American history. Borders, legislation, and preparation for the May 1st national day of action: To boycott and walk out or not -- that is the question. Guest include: Bill Bigelow, Angie Crouse, and An Trahn.
In our second hour... West Oakland: Caught up in a cycle of violence? What's really happening and how does it affect the area's students? Guests include: Jesse Douglas Allen-Taylor and staff and students from McClymonds High School.

6:30 pm
Radio Chronicles

See all Drama and Literature Programming
In Celebration of International Workers Day, The Radio Chronicles presents "The Invisible Men: Immigrant Day Laborers in San Francisco," which explores the lives and livelihood of immigrant day laborers, and "From Homeboys to Hollywood," which documents how Suspect Entertainment recruits and trains ex-gang members to work as actors and extras. Both produced by Vini Beacheam and the California Audio Arts.

7:30 pm
Act One Radio Drama
This Town
- By Sidney Blumenthal, starring Richard Kind, Gates McFadden, and John Randolph. Former political journalist and Presidential advisor Sidney Blumenthal gives us a fly-on-the-wall look inside the well-groomed Washington Press Corps. They yawn when they hear about peace treaties - but snap to attention at the chance to uncover a little dirt on the First Dog! An on-the-money political satire! So, down and relax, you have the best seat in the house.

WBAI today, times given are Eastern:

11am-noon: The Next Hour
Real People Theater, an ensemble originated at Brooklyn's Bushwick High School, performs Part Two of the radio premiere of Lawrence Fishburne's play, "Riff-Raff." The cast includes Cinthia Candelaria as Mike and 20/20, Albert Young as Torch and Billy, and Modesto "Flaco" Jimenez as Tony T. Director Jim Fletcher plays the Narrator. Executive Producer of "Riff-Raff" is Kate Valk.

6:30-7:00 pm: Equal Time for Freethought
Tim Wise: The Uncut Interview: during the last Marathon Drive, we had to edit our interview down to eight minutes and even interrupt those minutes to pitch his book. Now, for the first time, the originally planned 23 minute interview will air!

9:00-11:00 pm: Everything Old is New Again
Patti Lupone: Some of the songs from her career that we will hear include Cole Porter's I Get A Kick Out Of You; from the Baker's Wife, Where Is The Warmth; Storybook / Love Makes The World Go 'Round;and of course, Don't Cry For Me, Argentina.

You can listen online. There's no charge.
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