Sunday, March 26, 2006

NSA Hearings This Tuesday on PACIFICA RADIO

Programming notes for next week. First, Larry Bensky and KPFA will be covering Tuesday's **NSA Hearing by the Senate Judiciary Committee** I assume that other Pacficia stations will carry this or some coverage of it as well but I have only heard it noted on KPFA. [Dallas note: Houston's KPFT will air the coverage beginning at 8:30 a.m. Central Time.]

The above is from the latest Ruth's Public Radio Report. Tuesday, NSA hearing. It's expected to last less than half a day. Pacficia will provide live coverage. NPR? Don't hold your breath. Live coverage on NPR only happens when a "head of state" has a funeral apparently.
So make sure to listen to Pacficia.

Also, our apologies to Ruth. We e-mailed her Ruth's Public Radio Report to the site repeatedly as a highlight and it's not hitting. If you haven't read it, please make a point to.
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