Sunday, November 20, 2005

What noble cause?

Bully Boy's been on another bender, telling all who would listen that we have to stay the course on the cakewalk that's turned into quicksand.

If you missed it, the fatality count for American troops is 62 for the month of November, 2091 since the invasion.

He whines "stays the course" and the country replies "divorce."

There are bad ideas and then there are really bad ideas.

And then there are Bully Boy ideas.

It takes a Bully Boy to cook the intel on WMD. It takes a Bully Boy to launch a pre-emptive war based on that gut feeling that never helped him when it came to drilling for oil. It takes a Bully Boy to smear opponents in a such a way that Nixon's book of dirty tricks starts reading like Emily Post.

Some ideas just never pan out. As a former franchise owner, perhaps the Bully Boy should consider the fate of the Anaheim Amigos?

A Common Ills community member gave birth Wednesday to Brian. She wonders exactly when this war ends? Will it end before Brian's starting pre-K? How about junior high?

There's no end in sight.

Kayla says that she looks Brian and thinks about the men and women, on all sides, who are dying in a war that the Bully Boy can't explain.

She feels like we're stuck over there until we start demanding action from our representatives who seem only now to be catching on to what polls have reflected for some time: America doesn't want this war.

"It was Bully Boy 'choice' but everyone else pays the cost," Kayla says and she wonders how much longer?

We wonder that too.

Kayla wonders what the country's reactions would be if instead of adult photos of the fallen, the newspapers ran baby pictures?

She wonders what it will take to reach that less than 40% who continue to support the war of the choice that "was deception from the start"?

2091 dead and Bully Boy still can't answer Cindy Sheehan's question of what noble cause. Kayla says it reminds her of the U2 song "40" (War): "How long, how long, to sing this song?"
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