Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Daily . . .

The Daily. It's been an interesting ride at The Daily Howler. The site has a strong archive. But somewhere along the way, maybe it's when Bob Somerby gave the impression (to CJR) that his heart wasn't in it anymore and he was considering giving up the site, we noted extreme fluctuations that have only gotten more extreme in the last several months.

It hasn't been easy for Bob Somerby being dismissive (to put it mildly) of Joseph Wilson. Always carping and bending over backwards to give Bully Boy the benefit of the doubt while down playing the story of our times, the story of The Times and, indeed, the story of Time. Press critic asleep at the wheel, eh Bob? Will that be the story? The official one?

Maybe he should talk to CJR? Though we doubt we'd hear an honest assessment from Somerby if he did. He told CJR that the media did a better job in 2004 covering the presidential elections than they did in 2000. What had the old man been smoking?

Phoney terror alerts drummed up in the midst of the Democratic Convention, Not So Swift Floaties accusing John Kerry of lying about his wounds while the press repeated the charges (hey Bob, did you forget your critique of Ted Koppel on that?), GOP-ers sporting band aids with puple hearts on them at the GOP Convention while the press giggled (while we're at war, while purple hearts are being awarded!), the Church is against John Kerry and you shouldn't vote for him scream the news media and then, as an aside, well, not officially, The New York Times spikes their story on the Bully Boy's bulge during the debates, Dick Cheney and others trumpet that al Qaeda wants you to vote for John Kerry, on and on.

A better job? The media ran with that. Not just Fox "News," but CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, Nightline, go down the list, Bob.

What About Bob? He seems to have lost his way (putting it mildly, Rebecca and C.I. bite their tongues). So we'll offer this recap in parody for those who've missed the slow decay of one of the original online critics of the press and, in his prime, one of the best.

Sometimes Bob Somerby is intentionally dense:

The Daily Literal
Joe Wilson used the word "dubious." The press runs with "dubious" and says he proved that there was no attempt by Iraq to get yellow cake from Niger. He didn't say that! He said "dubious"! "Dubious"! Joe Wilson is beloved by the press! I hate Joe Wilson! I hate him! Hillary in 2008! Should I quote Matt Cooper?

Sometimes he just wants to have a little fun and what's more fun, for him, then attacking women?

The Daily Misogynist
Our "brave liberal voices" don't have the balls to tell the truth the way David Brooks does.
Katrina vanden Heuvel doesn't have the balls, Arianna Huffington doesn't have the balls, Janeane Garofalo doesn't have the balls, Dahlia Lithwick doesn't have the balls, Amy Goodman doesn't have the balls, Rachel Maddow doesn't have the balls. All these "brave liberal voices" with no balls. Davy Brooks has balls! One on the right side, one on the left side. That's why he's fit to give commentary even if he is on the right. Same with William Kristol. Kristol made a good point on Hardball. [Insert generic comment.] Kristol can tell it like it is, he can swing those balls. He can let 'em hang out. The pouch is packed, the gun is loaded, he's ready to fire. Meanwhile Katrina vanden Heuvel wants to talk about abuse at Guantanamo Bay. Yawn. Does anyone care? I don't. It's 2005 and if it was important and required a "brave liberal voice" I would've noted it repeatedly, weeks before, years before, I felt the need to beat up on Katrina vanden Heuvel. If you ain't got the balls, babe, get out the game. That's what I say.

Sometimes things get a little tense and he doesn't feel he gets his propers. When that happens, what's an aging "boy" to do but put on da bling-bling and make like it's the Grammys?

The Daily Gangsta
Word. Somerby in da house with shouts outs to Amrando who hit another one over da plate, outta da park, at Daily Kos TO-DAY. Word. Over at Washington Monthly, Kevin Drum represents. Represents! Can I get a uh-huh? This Daily Gansta be going out to all my peeps online. Name checking to be representing. Ya feeling me Joshy Mikey Marshy! Peace out and link to my ass already, you mothas!

Sometimes, when becoming shout out central doesn't bring the intended rewards, a trauma occurs which explains why Somerby woke up one morning believing he was Tony Montana.

The Daily Meltdown
Atrios, you stupid little fucker! You fucker! You fucked! You fucker! You hear me? You're fucked! Atrios, you stupid little fucker! Hear me, professor? You're fucked, stupid little fucker!

But with a new dose of meds, Bob Somerby's affect can return to its normal flat state.

The Daily Yadda Yadda Yadda
Okay, I need everyone to put on their thinking caps and gosh golly let's go back to 1999, six years ago, when the most important event in the world happened, Al Gore was slimed by the press. My college buddy was slimed by the press. That's more important than WMD or that stupid Valerie Plame. Joe Wilson is a d*ck. Tomorrow, after I've had time to review the GOP talking points about his latest appearance on a Sunday Chat & Chew, I'll explain what a liar he is. But today, the most important thing is returning to 1999 and noting that Al Gore's wardrobe was mocked. Also smeared was Naomi Wolf. We'll go the expert on this topic, second only to me, Eric Alterman.

But the meds don't always work. New doses are always problematic. And what's more important than focusing yet again on Joseph Wilson when we've passed the 2,000 mark for US fatalities in Iraq?

The Daily Smear
Joe Wilson is a liar. The press looks the other way. But he's a liar. If we examine the word structure in his opening statement on Meet the Press, "Good to be here, Tim", we find that he's already begun with a lie. "Good"?
Does Joe Wilson honestly think it's "good" to be on Meet the Press? Has he not been screaming forever about his wife's supposed outing as a supposed CIA agent who was supposedly undercover? "Good"?
Joe Wilson is a liar. We don't even have to address the rest of interview to grasp that. So instead, let's note what William Kristol had to say about Joe Wilson in The Weekly Standard
. . .

As bad as The Daily Smear against Joseph Wilson has become it's the attacks on women that first started us down the road of skepticism. It was a nice summer stroll as we attempted to decide what these attacks meant. Then a detour presented itself. Since that "disclosure," we look at The Daily Howler and just see . . .

The Daily Conflict of Interest
Judith Miller said "I agreed to change the ground rules." And I think people are making too much of this. She let a source determine how they would be credited. Where's the harm? It was I. Lewis Libby Jr. and he was Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff so where's the harm in her sourcing the statements on mushroom clouds to "informed soda jerk in DC"? Where's the harm? Libby was a soda jerk, actually was one, in college.
So Miller gets her quote and America gets to hear it. Where's the problem? Just because he now works in the administration doesn't mean he has to be identified by his current position.
It's called "resume." Rez-ooo-may. He just selected another job from his resume and Judith Miller was happy to help him do that because she honestly feels that soda jerks do not get enough attention from the press these days.
I don't know why we're focusing on the press right now. I know I have previously attacked those who questioned why Judith Miller was in jail and called them stupid. But things change. Back then, I was concerned that questions over why Miller was in jail might lead to other questions. Now that Miller's out of jail and we're addressing issues of super duper, chocolate mocha, background sourcing, I don't want anyone asking any questions that I don't approve of.
In other news, Hillary Clinton in the White House in 2008!

It's been an interesting ride with The Daily Howler. We've seen it at its finest and we've seen it at its worst. We're delinking from the website today because we agree with Bob Somerby that the press shouldn't clown, we agree with Bob Somerby that conflicts of interest should be disclosed, we agree with Bob Somerby that the tendency of the press to cover up for their own is shameful. Bob Somerby, you taught us well. Some might say too well. We're going to live by the strong points you have made over the years. Maybe someday you'll join us and we can relink to you. Until that day comes . . .

The Daily Hypocrite
Has anyone caught on yet?
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