Sunday, September 18, 2005

From the work area of the Bully Boy ("It's Hard Work")

From DemocracyNow!:

Bush: "I Think I May Need a Bathroom Break"
And in other news from the United Nations, a short note written by President Bush to Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice during the UN summit is making international headlines. A Reuters cameraman snapped a photograph of Bush writing the words "I think I may need a bathroom break. Is this possible?" The note appears on the cover of today's Times of London under the headline: "Leaked UN Memo: What did President Bush ask Condi Rice?"

Hmmm. Made us wonder. What else might the Bully Boy be doing when he's supposed to be paying attention? (We also wondered what Teacher Rice really thought of his request for a hall pass? Doesn't he know he has ample time to use the little boys' room between classes?)

So here's what the (mis)leader of the free world does in those high level meetings.
We enjoy the pig on the skateboard that Bully Boy has dubbed Karl. We enjoy knowing that even the Bully Boy thinks Dick Cheney's hands are in everything. We're not sure why he feels the need to fart. We think it's sad that he's close to losing Hangman with Condie (Bully, the word is "CAT"!!!) We weren't surprised to see that Bully Boy was unable to connect the dots ("TOO HARD!" seems a constant cry -- at least we now know what he means when he says "It's hard work" over and over) but we did find it interesting what bled through on the connect the dots.
Can someone please give the Bully Boy back his Wiggles stickers? It's obviously a sore subject with him.

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