Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blog Spotlight: Rebecca's "bbq talk"

With Rebecca, we're never sure what she'll blog on next. Maybe she'll note the physical attributes of Christian Parenti and Darh Jamail, maybe she'll take on the male prigs who try to tell women what to write about, maybe she'll have one of her inspirational posts. or one of her sex posts, or maybe she'll just entertain with her frank lust for Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong. But whether it's a discussion on Social Security or Michael Phelp's butt crack, she'll hold your interest.

This is her entry from the Fourth of July and it's a favorite of ours and one we talked about all week.

bbq talk

did ya get sunburned? did ya pig out?

did the heat knock you out?

while i was catching up with friends and family today there were 2 big topics.

1) the downing street memo
2) karl rove

i know the mainstream media seems to think the 1st 1 is going away, but it's not. my grams was talking about it and when news reaches my grams that goes beyond what 1 of the spauldings are doing on the guiding light it's not going away.

there was a great deal of talk about karl rove and whether he outed valerie plame, the c.i.a. agent. that's another 1 that's not going today, the day that we celebrate our national independence, i saw independent thinking that went beyond any of the cozy comfort the mainstream media tries to shove down our throats.

my uncle had a really good point: how long can the people sit around wondering why the media will not cover the important stories before the media collapses?

it's a good question because my uncle is not what anyone would call political.

among family and friends who were political, the words were much more harsh about the way the media was not covering things.

a cousin brought up the return of 'up next! shark attacks!' and wondered where all that hollow talk from the media about how 9-11 had taught them how important it was to focus on real news went?

my nephew who is 100% behind impeaching the bully boy did a poll asking all of us what we thought?

there were 2 people out of every 1 who felt that we shouldn't impeach the bully boy.

now my nephew is a developing hottie who's going to break a lot of hearts and he is also really likeable so the poll is not scientific by any means. some people may have been humoring him.

but no 1 mounted a real defense of the bully boy.

so maybe on this independence day we're seeing that an independent people can turn on a lap dog press and form their own conclusions?

that's my happy thought today. hope every 1 had fun this weekend and got home safely.

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