Sunday, June 26, 2005

Summer poetry: "Filling the Well"

Summer reading does include poetry. Inspired by Alice Walker and Patricia J. Williamson of The Nation (specifically her column in the July 4, 2005 issue, "Just a Theory"), with a dash of the Mamas & the Papas "Too Late" and the Beatles "Fixing a Hole" we offer "Filling the Well." Is it good, is it bad? Which is it intended to be? We'll never tell. Take from it what you can gather.

Fixing the Well

Filling the well
Filling the well
Carrying the pail
Down I fell
Down I fell.

Bumped my head
Bumped my head
Lost my thread
Sleep the dead
Sleep the dead.

Orion shining
In the night sky
Lead me there
Lead me there.

Orion shining
In the night sky
Grant my prayer
Grant my prayer.

Got a bump on the head
It's a new idea in there
Starting to grow
Starting to grow.
Got a seed reaching outward
Sprouting, climbing, winding
Watching it grow
Watching in grow.

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