Monday, February 05, 2018

Ty's Corner: Justin, you're White


Justin Timberlake does know he's White, right?

The boy -- and, yes, at 37, he still comes off like a boy, a heavily wrinkled boy -- has done more to copy Michael Jackson than anyone else in music history.

At a certain point, shouldn't he develop his own style?

He hasn't yet.  There was hope that his MAN OF THE WOODS project would find him developing a new style but then it was released and it was just more of the same only a little more tired which accounts for two poor selling singles in a row.

Sunday night saw him hosting the half-time show at the Super Bowl?


It was a stilted performance that couldn't even rally those present -- camera pans beyond the immediate stage showed just how lukewarm Justin's show was.

And what was up with the costume changes?

Diana Ross is a legend and a diva and all she did at her awesome half-time show (1996) was take off her coat.

Justy seemed to think he was Mr. Rodgers and had to put on a new coat for "Suit and Tie."

Maybe he just got tired of sporting the ugliest pantsuit Hillary Clinton never wore?

The act was tired as that Stella McCartney pantsuit (nepotism career) and that's before he tried to find salvation and closure off Prince.

"I Would Die For You" is Prince's song.

I get it.

Justin has no ballad he can perform because he lacks depth.

There's no emotion behind his songs which bop along on a Bobby McFerrin DISNEY beat.

So he rips off Prince and uses Prince's vocals and projects Prince on a sheet.

White boy brought a white sheet to the Super Bowl?

How very DW Griffith of him.

Justin's discography is hugely disappointing.

A lot of fluff and no real substance.

Typical of a boy singer but, again, the boy's now 37.

Eddie Fisher couldn't read the writing on the wall and apparently Justin can't either.

He did "Rock Your Body."  The song's always seemed like a rip off of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You."

Of course, in 2004, he did it at the Super Bowl with Janet Jackson.

Janet could deliver a half-time show.

But she's not invited back because of 2004.

Remember that?

When Justin ripped her top off exposing a breast.

Janet's blamed for that by the NFL, not Justin.

How telling that the African-American woman takes the fall and not the White boy.

Justin wishes he were Black but if he really were Black, he wouldn't be invited back after 2004.

In fact, if he really were Black, he wouldn't have been invited to perform on Sunday.

Whether it's Diana Ross, Prince, Janet Jackson, Bruno Mars, Beyonce or Stevie Wonder, you've got to have had a lot more big hits than Justin's had to perform the halftime show if you're Black.

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