Monday, September 07, 2015

Pay To Play: The Hillary Clinton Story

It's bad enough that to even 'faux' enter Hillary Clinton's campaign site, you have to provide your e-mail.

Even worse?

Greedy thang won't let you move beyond the next page unless you fork over a donation.


How greedy is she?

Hillary Clinton is the worst campaigner in the field today and that's made clear to visitors of her website who look to see what she stands for only to discover she stands for being a greedy monster and won't let you into her campaign site until you donate.

Even porn sites offer a free preview, Hillary.

(Dare we say it: If you doubt us, you can check with Bill?)


ADDED September 14, 2015:


Last week, we offered "Pay To Play: The Hillary Clinton Story" decrying the fact that to enter Hillary Clinton's campaign website, you not only had to provide an e-mail address, you had to provide a donation.

The Clinton campaign maintains that was a glitch and not a permanent feature.

So we are issuing a correction noting that this was a glitch at the website.

We're issuing it for two reasons:

A) You can now enter her campaign site without donating.

B) C.I. personally knows the person with the campaign who contacted us and feels the person is always forthright.

We're doing a correction in this week's edition because that's what most people will read -- this week's edition.  We will also add this to the bottom of the feature from last week.

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