Sunday, January 25, 2015

They raise 'em real stupid at Information Clearing House

As long as you don't read the comments, Information Clearing House is a good site.

If you read the comments, however, you're immediately sucked into the sewer.

We were reminded of that when we came across this comment regarding the prime minister of Israel being invited to address the US Congress.

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Michael E · 2 days ago
For the US congress to permit this idiot to speak in such a way is tantamount to treason, which if I am correct is still punishable by death. If they carry on with this idea to humiliate Obama, they should all be charged with treason, after all, if you or Iwere to do the same in such a public space, I'm sure we would not get away with it.

This is not "tantamount to treason" -- Michael's remarks, however, are tantamount to grave stupidity.


Treason is a serious charge.

You'll never make it stick when the action is inviting and/or hosting a leader of a government -- especially one allied with the US government.

Treason is a serious charge and people should not make it lightly.

But when Thom Hartman unleashes the crazy, many more follow.


The great Thom.

And his brother Thed.

And Thimmy.

Equally true, embarrassing Barack isn't a crime.

If it were, they would have had to have thrown Barack into prison for his own actions years ago.

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